Friday, 1 August 2008


"Greetings to one and all & thanks for passing by, our podcasts are compiled mixed and recorded in real Sound system style, and we enjoy giving you the entertainment of proper Roots, Culture and Dub, old and new in fine quality style. All podcasts are free to download,but if you want to send us money to support our work and events, then just use the paypal button,Enjoy the shows,Feel free to comment or make a request or visit our guestbook...Thanks for your continued support. Peace and Blessings. Ambassada Crew. If you support us,subscribe now or why not vote for us at Feeds We are currently at number 5, in the podcasting charts for roots reggae, so keep voting. with your help we can be the number 1 online Sound System Podcast!! Give thanks, and have an Irie Day.

Ambassada Sound System born 1979, based in Wembley and created a huge following throughout the eighties with the crew: Operator: Ian Irie Selectors: Bigga + General D a.k.a Negus Negast Mc's: Winston Irie + Bullett Dread Later featured:Steve Notch, Bantan Blue Eyes+ Basil a.k.a Brush & likkle JayBee. The Set comprised a full Set of Doubles & Singles 18"s, nuff mid+tops, this set was crisp and clear for all to hear!! An all rounder heavyweight sound, played all styles of music throughout the 80's to present makes them versatile today. The record box took four man to lift! One session we could play roots and culture, next day we would play a party set and play everything from Revive 45's ,Lovers Rock, Soul & Soca all at a very high standard. Today the set is run by brothers Ian Irie and DJ Jaybee who continue to entertain in various genres, these days they are a serious contender in the roots and revival corner, yet still run a party set playing to the masses and still going strong! Dj Ian Irie is a also a full time freelance record producer and is becoming sought after for his wealth of experience in the industry spanning twenty plus years, from remixing, songwriting and composing for film, a multi instrumental player from his early apprenticeship with international reggae band 'Misty In Roots' he now produces on project basis for a handful of artists every year. As the sound system CD's and tapes are still in circulation, we thought we would share some tunes and a few live dances with you on a regular basis to let you know where we are at? so don't forget to check back for updates. Check out the reviews: For all DJ bookings and studio production/engineering details contac our agents. email: Please feel free to give feedback ...sit back and njoy the selections from our own record box mixed in sound system style and pattern! Bless up to each & everyone.. Ian Irie For more info on artists that we support and play up and coming releases check out our agent: an excellent professional service for singers and musicians, supported by independent record label AsItIs Music, specialising in remix to full production in Reggae & Soul genre".

Nos vamos de vacaciones unos dias , esperamos haberos "enganchado" en apenas un mes que llevamos funcionando en formato blog. Para que no os quejeis de que no hay nada nuevo q escuchar ... os dejamos el Podcast de Ian Irie. En especial os recomendamos los "Rootsman Skank" , una delicia en los oídos.

Nos vemos a la vuelta.


KaS said...

Que se os de bien las vacaciones!!!! yo he venido el miercoles de cantabria y el sabado tiro para Cadiz y el 24 a Barcelona a coger el crucero xDDD


clandestino said...

buenas vacas en el pais de las patatas!!!

Gracias por dejarnos cosas nuevas para escuchar!!!

Blessed friends!