Friday, 28 January 2011



"Spanish producer Roberto Sanchez made an indelible mark on the roots reggae scene last year with his deep roots showcase with 'Earl Zero And God Said To Man'. This year he showed he had applied the same historically exacting standards to the sounds of rocksteady and ska with the long-awaited third album for Alpheus, 'From Creation'. Roberto comes from a family of musicians with roots in Cuba – which may explain why Caribbean music is in his blood! Bob Marley’s Kaya LP got him started, and he and his friends would make regular pilgrimages to London to buy Studio 1 or Black Ark records and studio equipment. When European producers with a love of old time Jamaican sounds try to go back to the so called Golden Age, the results can be disappointing. Yet Sanchez' assiduous recreations are so technically and sonically accomplished that one cannot but admire his works. And, likewise, where gifted and deeply immersed musical talents can be guarded and difficult interviewees, the soft spoken, humble Roberto was only too glad to share his story with Angus Taylor, speaking from his farmland studio in Santander...


You released one of the most critically acclaimed albums of 2010 with Earl Zero. Now you’re dropping as anticipated an album with Alpheus. How did these projects get off the ground?

The Earl Zero project started when I met a Californian deejay called Ranking Forrest in Spain. We became good friends and he told me he was living next door to Earl Zero! He linked him and we made our first production on a rhythm I had voiced with Ranking Forrest. The song was called Root Of David. I started linking with Earl Zero more often and we started thinking of doing an album so I started sending him specially built rhythms. All the vocals were done in California and the backing vocals here in Spain. Now I'm planning to bring him here to do a little tour of Spain and France.


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