Friday, 14 January 2011


En una reciente visita por europa hemos ojeado el IRIE UP!, ya que por estas tierras es tan dificil ojearlo .... . Irie Up! es una revista en inglés editada desde Berlín donde encontramos la última actualidad sobre el mundo del sound system. Lo que más nos ha sorprendido de su ultimo número es el reportaje que hacen sobre el desarrollo de sound systems que funcionen con energía solar .

Como podemos leer en la página de los mencionados... ( ) :
Solar Sound Solutions is a new company for solar powered sound-systems in any size and design, for bigger stages or mobile solutions. We offer solar solutions for:
- full power sound systems
- mobile recording-studios
- cinemas, livestream
-studios, VJ-shows
- individual professional studios
- nearly every gimmick you want

You get:
- powerfull bass and special sound experience
- innovative ideas and high-class quality - sophisticated products with modular expandable parts
- expert advice and introduction to the technology
- ecological image with style Everyone can make the revoltionary step into green-energy and be part of a better future.

Mientras que en Irie Up! leemos ( ) :"Across the way, the Gaggeldub family is setting up their sound and we’re all watching with interest because it’s the first time we’ve seen this solar powered soundsystem. They set some poles and string a canopy from the side of their truck. Off to one side, they set up a camp kitchen. Under the canopy they lay out a carpet and then they arrange their soundsystem. The four bass scoops and two mid and top speakers are painted a cheerful shade of green and they look brand new.
The anti-nuclear movement in Germany has generated many positive projects, from organic food to sustainable energy. The Gaggeldubbers from northern Germany went looking for a way to run their live looping station from a sustainable source, and they didn’t stop there, but went on to develop a solar concept that can run a 2000watt soundsystem – far from any mains electricity source. This is a revolution of soundsystem technology … "
Por supuesto continúa en la revista...

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