Friday, 15 March 2013


Nuestra banda madrileña favorita, después de un tiempo que se nos ha hecho eterno, vuelve a editar nuevo trabajo. A través de su site en Bandcamp podrás escuchar y descargar este magnífico trabajo.

La espera ha tenido sus frutos y nos encontramos ante un trabajazo: 
"Time to celebrate for European Reggae. Not too often one finds such a fine and senstitive reconstruction of Jamaicas late 70s, recalling the times when the seed had already grown to bring us pure musical gold.

Far form that little jewel 'People want to know' (2004) and their first LP 'Ready' (2007), which were followed by other works such as 'No barriers' (2008) and several remixes and dub editions, this brand new Hotdrop release constitutes its definitive and personal musical consolidation. The classic vibes powered by the Puppa Shan hands at the mixing controls who enriches sound in an analogic style with spring reverb, tape delays and traditional live mixing, build up solid rhythm tracks where melodies shine in dub productions. Jack Ruby and Joe Gibbs would be proud of it!

In addition to an inmaculate instrumentation, fabulous vocal harmonies rise Hotdrop up to Mount Zion top.

The sufferahs moaning in 'Big Disgrace' ("education of the population in their hands”); the discofunk touch in 'Don´t stop your step' which echoes 'Regulars', Third World and even The In-Crowd beats; the smokey pre-digital dancehall found in 'One Day'; 'Dont be late's stepwise that expands into every dub-station of the planet; and particularly, the joyful 'Over Yonder's lovers rock, with the souljazz vocals of Camila, the keyboard player, showing that good lovers is not only made in London or Tokio. All these ingredients blend to reveal the universal calling of this underground production which is worthy of merit."
Carlos Monty. Dec’ 2012
released 15 March 2013
Mixed by Puppashan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.
Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.
Produced by Puppashan & Hotdrop, Madrid 2013.
Under creative commons license 3.0. Spain.

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