Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Dojo label strikes back with a powerful EP discharge. Dub Schooling is Bass Culture Players forceful return, where Puppa Shan revisits Junior Delgado "Dub School". Another sample of this factory’s determined sound, such as that found in Temple Riddim.

Two of the most talented singjays in the schoolyard succesfully face Bass Culture Players high voltage. An energetic dose of tension and delivery.Yeyo Pérez uses his muscular beat in 'Music a Go Heal', an absolute dancecrasher. Another proof of this artist’s indisputable lingual versatility, jumping from spanish to english and form colloquial to political.

George Palmer counteracts on the other side, with his fluctuating and calmed style. Accelerating here, slowing down there. Giving what only some can give: the feeling of a rhythm fitting to his lyrics, and not the opposite.
If the contrast between both singers is one of the remarks, Puppa Shan polishes this release to the limit in both 'Healing Dub' and 'Dub a Dub Style', dry and sharp the former, and evanescent the latter.

Cohesion and contrast. Two musical qualities that will be enjoyed in this interplay of musical pairs sealed at Discoinferno, Digital Dub School from Madrid!

released 21 April 2014
Track laid @ Discoinferno, Madrid 2013.
By Bass Culture Players

Vocals: Yeyo Pérez / George Palmer
Dub Schooling EP is based on Junior Delgado's Original "Dub School" Fashion Music, 1989.

Text: Victor Castro
Translation: Camila Monasterio
Produced & mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.
Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.
Art ; concept: puppashan@gmail.com
dub Schooling by Bass Culture Players is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-
NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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