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Foundation EP is Bass Culture Players last production. An advance for the Showcase that will be immediately released under the same name.

It sees the light after the Dub Box edited in 2010, the last LP from the Players, which was followed by other singles from Discoinferno stable. This is the return of Bass Culture Players studio band, a large group of artists from across the whole peninsula. Four original pieces that encompass the Roots sound from the 70s and early 80s.

Puppa Shan production is the keystone that unfolds the wide musical spectrum in these four tracks, and the dub mixes rediscovers each and every one of them.

The vocalists:

Payoh Soul Rebel is a young artist settled in Valencia, currently lead vocalist in Jah Macetas, one of the first and ground-breaking Spanish reggae bands. His versatility can be tracked down in his recent recordings, but “Forgiveness” from Foundation EP displays his whole soulful potential. A unique tone, invaded by the Mediterranean light and warmth.

Prento is one of the big surprises in Madrid reggae scene of this year. Early 2014 witnessed his debut with his clairvoyant “No time”, but now he surprises us for his deep serenity in “Stop this Madness”. His name might sound new, but his voice reveals that he is been on the road for a while.

Mighty Mike is the unclassifiable voice from the one-of-a-kind band Blueskank. Known for his varied registers, form acoustic to electric, this track will still surprise you because of his profound delivery. “Reggae Life Composer” is simply irresistible.
released 22 September 2014

All music composed by Santi Mijarra except Track 7 by Carlos Alonso, Santi Mijarra
Lyrics by Payoh Soul Rebel, Prento and Mighty Mike.
Rhythms laid by Bass Culture Players between 2008-2014
Produced & mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno Studio, Madrid.
Executive producers Irieonair / Lafamille Music
Mastered @ Soundivine Studio, Italy.
Art & concept by Santi Mijarra, Madrid.
Art video editing by RASmighty, Sweden.

Licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0)
Registered under

Info and dubplates: Label Distribution & Promotion
Lafamille Music
Bass Culture Players

Irieonair Inity Music • Lafamille Music • Discoinferno ultd. 2014

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