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Foundation Showcase is the last of Bass Culture Players productions, a LP announced by the homonymous EP released by late September.

Following the Dub Box, release in 2010, and after a bunch of singles produced in Disco Inferno, Bass Culture Players strike back in the shape of a studio band made up of artists for all across the Iberian Peninsula. Eight Santi Mijarra original pieces that shine a light on 70s and early 80s roots sounds.

Puppa Shan’s production is the keystone from where the whole musical spectrum of this showcase unfold. Each and every dub version takes you deep into the repertoire until the listener rediscover the tunes.

Bass Culture Players are back as a band after 2010 release Dub Box and a whole bunch of digital singles produced since then at Disco Inferno.

Puppa Shan gathers in this showcase a select group of vocalists and musicians to interpret Santi Mijarra’s original pieces combining the deepness and brightness of Payoh SoulRebel, both returns of Amalgamah and Prento and all striking deliveries of Mighty Mike, Yeyo Pérez and Nytto Dread. These vocal tunes are completed with two instrumental tracks, including a complete extravaganza for Hammond addicts and wicked dubs.

Anyone could guess that the name of this LP is not only tribute to the sounds that inspired it, but an irrefutable statement: this showcase consolidates the foundation of Spanish Roots.

Payoh Soul Rebel is a young artist settled in Valencia, currently lead vocalist in Jah Macetas, one of the first and ground-breaking Spanish reggae bands. His versatility can be tracked down in his recent recordings, but “Forgiveness” from Foundation EP displays his whole soulful potential. A unique tone, invaded by the Mediterranean light and warmth.

Prento is one of the big surprises in Madrid reggae scene of this year. Early 2014 witnessed his debut with his clairvoyant “No time”, but now he surprises us for his deep serenity in “Stop this Madness”. His name might sound new, but his voice reveals that he is been on the road for a while.

Mighty Mike is the unclassifiable voice from the one-of-a-kind band Blueskank. Known for his varied registers, form acoustic to electric, this track will still surprise you because of his profound delivery. “Reggae Life Composer” is simply irresistible.

Amalgamah’s reappearance is another of the greatest surprises of this showcase. This singer and producer that manufactured the almost cult classic Mellow Roots in 2009, gives his vocal and vital wisdom in ‘Time is the master’.

Yeyo Pérez, the 4x4 that ranges across the spanish sound system scene, takes a detour here with ‘Sufferer’, a warm and rested moan. A very different register, but at the same time, Yeyo Perez in its pure state. Infallible!

Nytto Dread, a young artist form Barcelona featured in this showcase, shines with a very personal tone. Combining spanish and english, he smoothly links Players’ melodies with delight. Full of soul and authenticity.
released 09 January 2015

Recorded at Attick Studio, Bus Stop Records, Kinky Lab, Amalgamah and Discoinferno Studio.
Arranged and composed by Santi Mijarra except track 7 by R. Coke / G. Rondo
Rhythms laid by Bass Culture Players between 2008-2014
Produced & mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno Studio, Madrid
Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London
Executive producers: Irieonair Inity Music / Lafamille Music
Art & concept: Santi Mijarra

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