Thursday, 3 October 2013


Now is the time to announce:

Iroko Records and A-Lone Productions present Milton Henry´s new showcase album “Branches and Leaves”. What you will find is just the soulful, deep and unique voice of Milton Henry sending out a strong and conscious message on some hard-core roots riddims by Lone Ark and produced by Roberto Sánchez. The album will be available in CD and LP (October the 1st – 2013), both of them carefully presented (gatefold LP and digi-pack CD including amazing liner notes from reggae journalist Angus Taylor and all Milton´s lyrics). 

Milton Henry personifies the real roots artist: an intense and long career with amazing and deep tracks for different producers like Lee Perry, Bertram Brown or “Bullwackie” Barnes; but at the same time he is one of those artists that has been forgotten by many (his story is better developed by Angus Taylor´s liner notes for the album). 

As well as previous showcase albums from A-Lone, this album contains 6 vocals plus 6 dubs with titles like “Rastafari Cannot Die” and “Let go The Ego” (songs released on 12” by Iroko Records last June 2013 - BB26). Some other titles like “Crisis”, “Rastaman Beware” or “Gimme Gimme” complete this special album full of conscious vibes, good roots music and pure poetry, that fits perfectly with the nowadays world situation: the economical and spiritual world crisis. 

The riddims were built by Lone Ark at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio in Cueto-Spain, where the album was produced and mixed by Roberto Sánchez. The tracks were voiced at legendary Wackies Studio in NY by Lloyd “Bullwackie” Barnes.

Release Date: October the 1st, 2013
Artist: Milton Henry
Title: Branches and Leaves (Showcase)
Label and reference: Iroko Reocrds (BB36)
Format: LP and CD
Produced by: Roberto Sánchez
Band: Lone Ark Riddim Force
Studios: A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Sp) and Wackies Studio (US)
Artwork by: Cholo

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